Makerspace 30 Day Challenge

Attention all Makerspaces in the Southeast!! Hey!! We’ve got something for you. Over the next 30-ish days we’d like you create something specifically for Maker Faire Atlanta 2019. We know you may already be creating something specifically for this year’s Faire, but this is different. This is a CHALLENGE! JAnd we have some potential gifts.

This year, we’d like you create a sign specifically for Maker Faire Atlanta 2019 to be displayed at your booth (and maybe later at your Makerspace). What’s this?? A sign?

Yes. A 3ft x 3ft sign, that incorporates your Makerspace name, Maker Faire Atlanta, and all kinds of creativity. For this, we’ll give you a free tent for your area ($150 value) at Maker Faire Atlanta 2019 (Sept 28-29).

But wait there’s more! We’ll award the makerspaces with the top 5 signs, a grant for $500!

Okay tell me more about the sign!!

The specifications for the sign are as follows:

  • 3 ft (height) x 3 ft (length) x X (you choose) ft depth. The content must fill up the entire space.
  • It has to show the name of the makerspace and incorporate the text “Maker Faire Atlanta 2019” visibly, somewhere.
  • Use whatever materials are available, lights, colors, etc. Be creative.
  • It has to be family friendly and displayed at Maker Faire Atlanta 2019.

Register for the 30 Day Challenge below.

Address any questions to:

Makerspaces are responsible for their own travel and arrangements in getting to Maker Faire Atlanta 2019.


Makerspace 30 Day Challenge

  • In order to take part in the Makerspace 30 Day Challenge, please enter the space name.


With generous support from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing.