Cosplay & Prop Judge

Volpin Props

Graphic Designer and Propmaker

Volpin Props specializes in replicas of videogame, fantasy, and real-world props. He started making props for Halloween back in 2007. He outlines his processes online in the hopes that his work will inspire others to take on the DIY mantle and tackle some projects of their own.

Cosplay & Prop Judge

Ginoza Costuming

Prop Fabricator and Costume Maker

Brittani Ginoza is a cosplayer and prop maker from Columbus, Ohio. She is well known for her eye-catching painting style and detailed costume construction. Brittani loves to compete and has even represented the United States twice in International cosplay competitions. When Brittani is not constructing big armor builds she is always up for talking shop with other cosplayers. For her, the best thing about cosplay is having fun, being with friends, and learning new skills with every project.

Cosplay & Prop Judge

Parson Petchor

MomoCon Costume Events Director

Parson, in his role as MomoCon’s Costume Events Director, has been showcasing regional costume/prop fabrication talents as well as executing the convention’s two cosplay contests (with his amazing team) since 2007.  A cosplayer himself, his works have ranged from thrifted “Closet Costumes” to from-scratch armor pieces.  He is honored and excited to sit in a Judge’s seat; the best part of his “convention job” is to talk to enthusiastic makers and see their works up close.

Cosplay & Prop Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)

Dragon Con Convention Office Director

Tony has been with North American Conventions for over 20 years, and is currently a Director for the Dragon Con Convention Office. He is one of the Official Moderators for the convention and co-hosts the prestigious Masquerade contest each year; as well as working with other shows across the country. His quick wit and charming disposition is evident when he emcees, judges, or moderates panels for any celebrity that needs even the most delicate of handling. He has been a former casting assistant for various agencies in Georgia; and is also a local actor in film, television, commercials, and website tutorials.